Pit Stop ♥ Coffee Smith 30/7/14

11:15 PM

Heeellllooooo!!!  =D
This is another small outing with my bestie Ee Yin. =)

From the title, I guess you can see where we went to.
So let' just get started, shall we?

Pit Stop is a place that many of my friends recommended me to go.
They told me that their carbonara is really good.
I went in the morning, and I don't want to fill my stomach too much, so I didn't order it.
But I will go again next time to try it! =)

This cafe served all day breakfast!!
Isn't that cool or what!

The interior has a vintage look with some antique stuff in it.

Anyway, I ordered Berry Banana Pancake RM10
It's served with pancake, banana, strawberries, walnuts and ice cream!!

Awesome or what?!
I had ice cream in the morning as my breakfast! lol

I love the pancake, but it's a little bit thick for me.
I rate it 7/10

If I'm not wrong Ee Yin ordered Bacon and Cheese Sandwich for RM12
It served with potato wedges as the side. =)

I guess the make up bug caught me, and I did some make up which is rare!
I mean of course I put BB cream before I go out, is just that today's look is added with some eyeliner and trying out my new brow kit.
So, taaadddaahhhh!!
My simple make up look. =)

[Which I don't do it more than 5 times in a year] Lol!!

What I wore :
Top : Debenhams
Shorts : Voir Jeans
Shoes : Aldo

Then we just sit and chat for a long time!!

At around 11'30 am, we head over to the new cafe called Coffee Smith.
Heard many good reviews on their food.
So we went over to give it a try as our brunch. =D

When you first step in, there's this weird smell.
Is it just me or you guys who went before smell it to?

The interior =)

We were quite full from our breakfast, so we decided to just share our brunch.

Ordered a Potted Cocoa for around RM 12 [ I don't really remember the price ]
Is like Chocolate Ice Blended. =)
So is just 6/10.

My bro went there before, and told me to try their Linguine. And I did. =)
So this is one of their best seller called Scallop and Mentaiko Cream Linguine for RM22

The first time you taste it, you will definitely say it's good. ♥♥
This dish is totally worth the money, for RM22 you can get two huge scallop.
Which I feel is really worth it. =)

I'll give this dish 7/10 =)

And that's the end of our little food adventure around Penang.

Happy that I get to hang with you again before our huge exam approach.
Good luck in yours and study smart ya!
Don't stress yourself too much =))
Hearts ♥♥

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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