Christmas Nails Tutorial

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Hi Hi =D
Like I promised in my last post, I'm gonna shared something to do with Christmas in this post.
So, I'm gonna shared how I paint/draw my Christmas or Winter nails. =)

Christmas is by far Everyone's favourite holiday, and so is mine!!
Love the decoration, the food and of course the presents!!

But whenever I think of Christmas, I think of the weather first.
The snow falling, snowflakes is one of the most beautiful creation ever!!
Since I live in a tropical country with no snow, I find it even more beautiful!! =)

This is my Christmas Nails Tutorial [ No Tools Needed ]

This year I'd got inspiration from the white[the snow] , gold[Christmas colour] and the snowflakes. =)
What you need :
1. Gold glitter [Big size] - The Face Shop
2. Gold glitter [Small size] - The Face Shop
3. Lighter Gold glitter [Small size] - Elianto
4. Nude/ Orangy colour - The Face Shop (Optional)
5. Basecoat / Topcoat
6. White nail polish.
7. Toothpicks.
8. Recycled paper.

So let's start shall we? =D
Step 1: Paint your nails with the base coat and then the base colour.
I painted my nails in white except for the middle finger in the gold glitter(2&3).
Step 2: Then pour out some gold glitter nail polish on the paper and we will start using the toothpicks to draw the snowflakes.
If you guys don't want glitter snowflakes, you can use the nude colour, or some similar colour to gold. =)
I'll be drawing them on my ring finger.
Step 3 : From the pic above, I'm sure you guys get it how to draw the snowflakes.
Yes!! It's just that easy!! =D
And this is how it look like.
Step 4 : Add the gold glitter [Big size] on the other nails to make it look festive and cute =)

Step 5 : Paint a coat of top coat to seal everything off, and celebrate the best holiday in the world!! =D
And also clean the edge of the nails.

Just 5 simple steps to get this pretty Christmas/ Winter nails =D
Hope you guys like it!!
Cause I simply adore it!!
I could just stare at my nails the whole day. =D

Good luck!

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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