Hot Air Balloon Event in Penang

9:46 AM

Hey Hey!! =D 
This is another small Daddy Daughter Date *Triple D yo!*

There was a Hot Air Balloon Event in Penang last weekend.
And I manage to go and catch a glimpse in the early Sunday morning. =) 
The event started from around 7am to 10.30am in the morning and 5pm to 9.30pm at night.  
So I went to the morning session, reach at Padang Polo at 8am in the morning. 

People can also ride on the hot air balloon for tickets which is first come first serve for RM25. Only for the first 180 people. 
When I heard this, I was like yea, I'm not gonna wake up so early just to buy some tickets. 
So nope, I didn't have the chance to ride the hot air balloon. 

But pictures from the ground in an early morning is still pretty. 
Enjoy! =D

Some hot air balloons were on the ground, some were in the air.
All they can do was just going up and down, lol!!
This is one of my fav pics =)
Me in the middle of the crowds with balloons =D
Smiling like a little kid *grin*
So Me~ Lol
Knitted Cardigan : Forever 21
Dress : Dotti
Had the chance to see the inside of a hot air balloon!
Huge Balloons everywhere =0!!
I mean just look at it inside! It's so pretty! I should have went in when I have the chance =/
Yes, you were allowed to go in, but I think you have to pay or something idk *shrug*
Darth Vader balloon!!
My all time goal pic is to take while they were blowing up/heating up the balloon with the fire!
Goal accomplished! =)
Bubbles flying everywhere =)
And of course gonna end the post with a Triple D selfie with Hot Air Balloons behind =D

This is just a short post.
Hope you guys enjoy!
Happy Chinese New Year =D

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥

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