April Challenge 'No Junk Food Challenge'

5:56 PM

Hi guys !

Now is April! Happy April Fools people!
But I'm not even joking here!

I was scrolling through my Facebook News Feed and saw this picture.
Which is the 'No Junk Food Challenge'
I always wanted to try and see how this will go for my health and with no extra sugar intake into my body!
So now I hope you guys will also join this challenge with me and see how our body change into a much more healthier state =)

I know this challenge will be hard, cause today I ate a little bit of chocolate already!
So from tomorrow onwards, no more junk food!!
Let's be serious on this and be healthy!

Sorry that I couldn't update any nice pretty post also, cause I'm busy with my school work this week.
So I just update a small short post for you guys!
And will update you guys with this challenge at the end of April. =)

Even though the challenge is for 21 days, I'll do it in a month. [Cause I know there will be a few cheat days]
And I think I'll break a few of the rules up there lol =0!
We'll see =)
Good Luck!

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥

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