BBQ with Buddies

12:41 AM

Hi Hi guys!! =D

I'm back with another outing with my school course mates.
First thing first is why I rarely mention stuff with my course mates, is because, well I need them to know that I have a blog.
And now they know.
Let's began!

We had a BBQ outing/ party(?) with my buddies a.k.a the potatoes!! =D
Why potatoes?
Hahaha is an inside joke. =) *sshhhh*
So, in this gang of potatoes, I have more guy friends instead of girls.
Just to clarify, these guys are the best guy friends I have ever had!
And I care for every one of them. =)
They brought me laughs and happy tears with their everyday jokes and pranks and also stunts!
Which I appreciate every single day.
And also, even though they are playful, sometimes childish guys, when things are serious, they are the most greatest gentlemen ever! 
Taking care of us girls wherever we are.

On the 8th of May.
Most of us, finished our final exam on that day.
From the beginning it's the guys idea to have the BBQ party.
Too bad not all of us were there that day. =(

We reached at around 6'45pm.
The fire wasn't even started yet. And the problem is that it couldn't even start.
So the guys asked us girls to eat some salad which was made beforehand.
And called us to wait.
And we did. =0!
Here's the BBQ place.
 The salad made by the guys =D
And since is a BBQ, sausages is a must! =D
But, small problem is that, they guys bought a bit too much! =0!!
 They even made marinated chicken, fish, and also marshmallow =D
 The guys who are trying their butts out on how to start the fire.
While we girls were waiting, we just cruise around the place.
While I took some pics =D
This is how long we were waiting for them to start the fire, with the sun is still up, until the sky is dark =D
Appreciate how hard they worked! 
 And the BBQ finally started!!
Chicken, sausages corn, marshmallows!! Yuummsss!!!
And this is how they have to look at the food, there's no light beside the BBQ place, so they have to use their phone while BBQ-ing.
The food the guys made were really awesome!
And this is just how much pictures I took, cause my hands were getting oily and I don't want to get my camera dirty.
Acceptable excuse? =)
The whole night was awesome!
Filled with laughters and jokes.
And I'm glad that I met these bunch of potatoes!!
Thank you for making my life filled with so much laughter and joy! 
I just couldn't thank you guys enough for this. =)
Thanks guys!!

Even from the very beginning of the BBQ till the end, all the works and the cooking the cleaning is all done by the guys.
All they asked us is to wait and go eat.
I do feel bad for not helping, but I was scared of butting in of their whole group work thing.
And if I do go in and help, they will be asking us to stay aside and just eat. lol
That's how great they are! =D

Love Me!! XOXO 

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