How I Lose Weight and My Update on April Challenge

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Hi guys!!

Back with a post in between my finals!
Oooppsss!! =0!!

I'm gonna update about my weight loss from the April Challenge.
If you guys didn't know what I'm talking about, here's the link. =)

I gain quite an amount of weight when I went for my holiday trip last year in Australia, and also during Chinese New Year.
So the determination to lose down my weight increases more!
And here's how I did it!

From my last post, many people were asking me to update on the results of this challenge, so here it is. =)

On the 1st of April onwards I was on this challenge, the No Junk Food Challenge.
I was not suppose to eat any types of the junk food on the list above for 21 Days.
But I extend it to a month, so it is around 30 days.
Because I know that I'll have a few cheat days.

It's not easy to stop eating junk food suddenly.
And junk food is something that everyone loves, including me.
So that's why I had a few cheat days for myself to enjoy some junk food. =)
*Smart!!* *smirk*
I mean come on, I even went out with my friend Nicole for a dessert day!!
My cheat days are usually once per week. Just in case you guys are wondering.

In the month of April, I also did a '2 meal diet a day'.
I do believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Cause you were sleeping for 8 hours straight without any food intake into your body.
So, your body needs the food to gain energy to start the day! =)

I was never a person who eats breakfast in the morning too.
I'll just make one cup of milo and just go to school.
So, if I do have a 8am class in school, I'll drink a cup of milo and head to school.
Then during my class break at around 9am or 10am, I'll go over to my school cafe and buy a wholemeal sandwich.
At least is wholemeal *shurg*

After that, I won't eat lunch anymore.
Since I'm still full from my brunch, I'll just skip lunch time.
Then, I'll get a cup of yoghurt when I'm hungry which is around 4pm+.
Or any healthy snacks, like fruits and smoothies.
I also try to stay away from processed meat like ham, sausages... and also high sodium food like cup noodles.

So during dinner time, I try to eat no carbs, so just vegetables, meats and fruits.
With eating these less food, I try to drink more water instead.
As what everyone says, drink 8 cups of water a day.
8 cups of water = 1.89L
So I drink about 2 and a half of 750mL bottle in average.

I lost about 4kg, in this one month with the help of this challenge and the diet.
I do have a few cheat days of eating junk food or more food in general.
Is not like I can't eat junk food forever in my whole life.
I'm just trying to eat healthily, I still do eat ice creams, and popcorns once in a while. =D
Just to treat myself.
It is okay to eat junk food once in a while, but don't eat them too often.
When you feel like eating them, then just eat them, if not, then don't.

I do have temptation during this challenge.
I have friends asking me whether I want some sweets or snacks, the temptation of having them and putting them into your mouth!! It's so hard!
But yet, determination is a must in this challenges and diet.
So, try your best!!

I'm never a professional in this, and I'm only writing this through my own experience.
So ya. =)

And here's my update on my 'April No Junk Food Challenge' and on how I lost weight.
I lost some weight on my thighs and the collar bone area, so is my tummy area.
I'm so happy that my collar bone is much obvious now. =D *happy face!*
So ya, I'm proud of myself! =)

If you guys want to try out with this, tell me how it goes.
But remember, everybody's body is different so the outcome may be different too. =)

Love Me!! XOXO 

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