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Welcome back to another foodie post. #yolo
Penangites being Penangites as usual. 

18th June 2015 
Went out with Lc and Nicole on the same day but different time for food!
We did met up together at QB during the afternoon. 
Me and LC met up at a cafe near USM which is called Jam Cafe. 
It's located at Sg. Dua housing area facing the main road. 
I find their set lunch for RM11.50 that served main course and drink, is quite affordable and worth it. 
But it is only available at 11'30am - 2'30pm on weekdays. 
This place serves different kind of main courses then the normal western food restaurants that we known by heart.
If I'm not wrong I ordered honey lemon tea.
And LC ordered some lychee drink that she approve that is good. =)
LC ordered the set lunch, while I ordered one main course ala carte.
She also added one bowl of mushroom soup.
Normal normal, happy that it is not the mushroom soup from the can.
Jam cafe is famous for it's Crispy Potato Skin for RM4.90
It is really addicting as a snack.
When it was served, me and LC couldn't stop ourselves from eating it.
It was that good. =)
Of course it was deep fried, so there's a few pieces is a bit burnt.
But overall it is good!
Dip it with the sauce, it's the perfect combo!
LC ordered carbonara pasta.
Which is quite rich in the sauce and is good, but I still prefer the DCOVA's carbonara!
I did mention that they served different kind of main courses.
And one of them is Beer Chicken Drumstick for RM12.90 which I find them unique.
You can taste the beer only on the skin of the chicken and the meat of the chicken is just plain.
But at the drumstick area, the beer taste is stronger a bit.
I was a bit disappointed by not tasting any beer in the chicken meat.
But it's something new I get to try it out.
After having fun walking around in QB and shop a bit with both girls LC and Nicole.
Nicole and I head down to Georgetown to Kampung Malabar for a early dinner.
I never heard of this cafe before and I have no idea how Nicole was able to find out or even heard of it.
But taadddaaahhhhh!!
We are here, Cafe Muscolo!!
What makes this cafe so special is that, they sell delicious healthy food in affordable price.
I personally find the menu very cute and colourful.
We were the only customers at that moment.
So we were able to enjoy the peace and quietness.
Which I do love it, the whole atmosphere is just so comfortable.
Foods arrived!
I ordered Green Crush for RM 12.90
It is basically fruit salad, and it's filled with all my favourites!
Apples, cherry tomatoes, raisins and salad.
The dressing is not mayonnaise!! Which I got shock after the first bite.
It wasn't rich, but a cold light taste with a hint of peach or mango.
After that we realised that it is yogurt!
Yummss, great combination! =D
Nicole ordered the Creamy Ebiko Pasta, RM16.90 which she really loves it after the first bite.
Seriously, *after first bite* "This is so good!!" *second bite*
It's creamy and really rich. The whole plate is filled with ebiko so ebiko lovers will love this dish to death. Hahaha
We still have time after our early dinner.
So we head down to China Lane and went over to the cafe that I always wanted to go try.
Street Art Cafe!!
The cafe is smaller than I thought it will be.
There's only like 5 small tables for customers and it already filled up the whole cafe.
Street Art cafe is well known for it's fried ice cream.
It's not the China's deep fried ice cream that we know, this is fried ice cream made right in front of you.
And this is how it looks like.
We ordered the mango flavoured and they use real fruits to make them.
Great! No artificial stuff inside my ice cream.
Nicole was commenting that the milk taste was a bit strong, which is kinda true, but I'm fine with it.
Overall it's good, it's not as soft as the normal ice cream and we are able to taste the little bits of mangoes inside. =)
 We also added nata de coco as our topping with chocolate syrup, cause that is my favourite kind of topping to eat! =D
Nicole wanted Chocolate Lave cake, which is not really that good compare to the Haven Habour's one.
They did not reheat the cake.
So it's cold and the chocolate doesn't ooze out like it was suppose to, thus it's not really that nice.
Yea, that's all I can say it's not really as nice as I hope it would be.
But for RM 6.90 I'm not surprise to get this kind of food.
And of course gonna end the post with a smile.
Hope you guys are just as hungry as I am.
I really do want to go back and munch on those food again. ><

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥

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