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11:23 PM

Hi hi!!!! =D 

Just to give you guys an update on my MIA last week is because *breath in, breath out* 
Yup, I said it, I was sick for a week! 
Sucks, I know. >< 
All I did was sleep and eat medicine, couldn't even use my laptop nor my phone. 
So, I'm sorry. 
Now I am feeling better! 
Recovered fully and back to my healthy self, so don't worry =) 

Then my finals just finish today! 
So, I AM FREE!! (for 3 and a half weeks!) 
Happy as I can be, right now! 
Laugh at those whose exam is not done yet! =D 
Okay, not gonna be evil or anything, so ya good luck in your exams! =) 

15th July 2015 
(Before I fell sick and everything!) 
This girl here, who made me cry in public (airport) so badly, asked me to hang out! 
I was damn happy and I couldn't wait to catch up with her cause she was gone for so long,. 
And of course it is my one and only Sab a.k.a. KeYin! =) 
Friends since primary, but she said kindergarten (which I don't remember much) 
So ya, welcome back from UK!  
She got fairer, and now she is much fairer than I am, sad! 
But life is just that unfair. 
She wanted to go to Irrawaddy Fine Foods for brunch.
And we did.
Food is above average, I have to say.
We shared a plate of sandwich, cause both of us are not that hungry.
And she ordered the most simplest of all the choices which is Egg Sandwich.
Not complaining or anything, but is really simple.
She wanted the proteins in her, haha!
 Simple brunch! =)
Then we walked down the road over to Monkey Cup!
She was so happy that she finally get to go, cause every time when she wanted to go it's always closed.
Ordered 2 mocha and a piece of lemon cheesecake.
And we do what girls are good at, chat!
 Happy girl, with her happy desserts!
And of course she is the much more artistic one.
Guiding me to take these pictures!
I found the lighting here in Monkey Cup is really good. =)
 So tumblr/ insta worthy =)
We spent hours, like literally hours, just chatting and catching up with each other.
And we soon realised that there's not enough time for us to finish on what we wanna know about each other.
Cause there's only one chance on being teenager!
And we definitely lived fully in it!
She wanted to meet her friends from her high school on the beach in Batu Ferringhi at 3 under the hot scorching sun afternoon!
I was the driver of the day, so I drove her up there.
And gosh I regretted to leave my car haha!
I was tan enough from my Redang trip and now walking under the sun along the beach just to find her friends is just great for my skin.
Soaked up all the vitamin D, baby! =D
And you all may say that why I wanna walked down the beach under the hot sun together with her?
Is because we wanted to take pics of us together! lol
And of course I want to make sure that she arrived there safely with her friends.
We were twinsie of the day!
Both of us wearing plain dark coloured top, both of us wearing plain white/cream bottoms and also with a black bag and with covered up shoes.
Yes, we were very twinsies!
Top: Uniqlo
Bottoms: Brands Outlet
Bag: H&M
Shoes: Toms
Yes, you can see from the pics that I am definitely much tanner than her.
Gosh I'm so sad of this!

I did mention that we did not have enough time to catch up right?
We met up the next morning for dimsum with our primary school friends! ♥♥
Friends was back in Penang, so why not?!
(Sorry for the blur pic) (not really hahaha)
So yup, that's the end of my catching up story with my friends.
Glad I'm back!
And I hope that you guys are happy that I updated today =D
Until then, see you all in my next post! =)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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