Easy Brew Cafe @ Beach Street

10:20 PM

Hey guys!! =D 
Idk why, but I always have lots of food post for you all every week!
I guess this is the perks of being a Penangite! =D 

Another new cafe which is opened few months ago (I guess) 
And it was a sudden decision to go, cause the place that we planned to go is closed. 
So ya, we head over to Easy Brew Cafe in Beach Street!   

Went out with my friends to catch up with each other and kinda, okay, gossiped a lot! 
These is what we do =D 

Easy Brew Cafe is a Heritage Garden Cafe. 
I do have to say that the interior for the garden is really pretty! 
And so, there's only one table in an air conditioned room. 
So, it means it's only for one customer to be in that air conditioned room. 
Then other customers will have to sit outside and enjoy the garden. 
There will be huge fans that also blow together with mist to cool the customers down.

Their most unique food is this ice cream cone with cotton candy around. 
And I tell you all! 
Their ice cream melts right after 30 seconds when it reaches your hands. 
Then it starts to drip all over your hand and the cotton candy with somehow detached/melted from the ice cream cone. 
So yes, after taking those beautiful pics, you will be licking your ice cream from the end to the top. 
And of course, both your hands will be sticky. 
The ice cream flavour is coffee flavour. 
And from what I know is that Easy Brew is known for coffee. 
Well, My friends ordered coffee and desserts. 
Mocha, Black Coffee and Lemon Meringue Pie! 
This is our afternoon tea together! 
I didn't order any drink cause there was ice cream for me to enjoy, but too bad that it melted so quickly that I couldn't even enjoy it as much as I wanted. 
The mocha tasted with more coffee than chocolate. 
Actually I couldn't taste the chocolate at all! 
So, that was a minus. 
This is one of the place to sit outside in the garden =)
Melted ice cream hahaha =D
So, we ordered the Lemon Meringue Pie and shared together.
It's sweet and sour at the same time. 
I liked it actually! 
You can taste the lemon inside. 
And yes, I do enjoy sour food in a way. 
How they plate it, is just so fancy haha. 
I like it that they make the decoration on food so important! 
Good for taking pics =) 

After all the food and all the chit chats. 
We head back to the garden to take some pics. 
They have this frame thing at the side. 
Taadddaahhh, don't we look adorable!! ♥♥♥
CaiYing and Me ♥♥
Love her to bits!!
The best part of the cafe is that there's a swing in there!
I mean look at it! =D
Going back to my childhood =)
This is just one small part of the cafe garden. =)
And of course my #OOTD
I wrote a post about my outfit, so go check it out on the link above =)
That's it for today's post!
I do planned to make my posts shorter, so that it will be easier for you all and me too.
We'll see how it goes. =)
See you guys next week!!

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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