Reunion & Surprise! ♥

12:06 AM

Hi Hi!!! =D
Let's go back to 28th August 2015 for a moment, shall we?

I have to update this, cause 
1. The food here is so good! 
2. Is my primary school friends reunion, again! 
3. I got a small pre-birthday surprise! =D

Now, I got all the main points out there, let's start!
It was a sudden reunion. And since everyone can make it on that particular time. 
We went for it! =D
I suggested 43 Cafe, and my mom was pushing me to be the lab mouse and try out the place first. 
So, in the end we went there! 

I was late a bit, so the others ordered first. 
They ordered most of their most recommended. 
Pasta, dry age pork, burger, satay, salad and ice cream. 
Yea. We ordered just enough for 5 people. =)   
The pasta is very rich and creamy, how most of us like it! 
Satay was good too!
Minimum order have to be 5, so we each get to eat one! =D
I love their dry age pork the most!
It's so juicy and tender, and gosh!
It's so so good!!!
Group pic before each of us separated. ♥♥
Then the girls wanted to head out for desserts.
They were exchanging body language to one and other.
Too bad I saw it, I was thinking that, what did they want to do that I don't know, especially they want to take separate cars to go to the destination.
To act like I don't know anything, I just go with the flow and just act with whatever weird reason they came out with hahaa =D

Head over to CoffeeSmith.
Ordered Hot Chocolate =D
Then Sab came in with a plate with 2 pieces of cake.
Hahaha I knew it!
I was seriously laughing!
Gosh I was so grateful and thankful to these girls, seriously! =)
Even though my birthday still have a few days left, I'm just so grateful and happy to have these girls as my friends =)
Took some pics and also some poloroid pictures too!♥♥
These girls that I have known them since my primary school years.
For almost 10 years of friendship =)
Thank you all for the small surprise, even though it's a sudden celebration.
But I really do cherish it, and absolutely feeling grateful for it!

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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