Shoulder Length Hair!

3:42 PM

Hi HII!! 
I have something to say! 
If you guys follow my social media then you would know already! =)

I chopped off my hair =D 
Well not as much as you guys will thought it will be. 
But it's still a lot! =D 

Finally cut the hair length that I've been wanting since probably my last semester. 
I have been mentioning to all my friends saying that I wanna cut to this length here. 
And if I had the chance I want to curl it, or say it properly which is perm it. 

Suddenly on a random afternoon, I was in school. 
Mom texted me saying that she wanted to colour her hair. 
And the hair salon I go to is a distance from my house. 
So, if you don't go now, we have to wait a period of time again just to go there. 
And the decision is made. 
I went there. 
The only thing that is stopping me back the last time I went is because I was scared, cause my hair is going short. 
(Well shorter than my usual long hair) 
Even though this is not the first time I cut my hair this short lol. 
The cons of couldn't let things go!

I was still in dilemma when I was sitting in the hair salon. 
On how short I want my hair to be. 
My hairdresser was helping me to persuade my mom to either let me perm my hair or colour my hair. 
My mom wouldn't let me do anything on my hair. 
No dye, no perm and of course no bleaching and dying to weird colours. 

After much persuasion, mom finally agreed on letting me perm my hair. 
*Throw confetti!* 
I did not know what's happening on my hair as usual. 
Weird machines were connected to my hair. 
And poof! 
I had curls. lol 
Way more curls than usual. 

Okay I lied. 
I trusted my hairdresser, so he did what he knows best. 
But he still tells me what's going on. 
So I cut my hair. 
Rinsed and dried. 
Then start the digital perm. 
That took a long time....  

And wallahhh!! 
Here's my new hair. 
Nothing much out of the ordinary. 
Just my hair got shorter and my hair became much more curlier. 
That's all. 
Why did I write so long in the front I don't know either. 

Had my friend to take pics for me. 
It's been so long since I took a selfie. =)
Smile =)
Lol so much fun! ♥♥
Feels much lighter too!
Just let the pictures talk. =)

Let the wind blow!!!~~~
Anyway I'm loving my new hair.
The tiring thing is that when I tie my hair up there will still be a few strands falling out.
But in overall, washing and styling hair is much easier.
And everything just feels lighter!

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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