I'm gonna do a Christmas theme nail tutorial for u all.

it was inspired by this pic!

Candy Cane nails!! 
den i finally learnt how to do it.
so as well share it out to u guys. 
but it won't b as pretty as de pic on top. [just saying]

what u need!! 
: - base coat. 
  -white nail polish
  -red nail polish with glitter [ if u can find it, i can't find it so i'm just using normal red]
  -red / silver glitter polish 
  -top coat
  -recycled paper
  -nail remover with cotton bud

Let's get started!! 
so i bought these 3 nail polish from Sasa.
and it only cost me one bottle RM3.90
so, it was cheap.
a good quality is another thing =))
but it was fine.
i know the red colour nail polish bottle is just so cute!!

so 1st put a recycled paper on your desk, to prevent any mess occur on your desk.
all your work will b on the recycled paper
then, paint all your nails with a layer of base coat. 
wait for it 2 dry.
den paint your nails white as the base colour.
paint in 2 coat to get a pure white colour.
wait for 2 hours to let it dry. 
and i mean it!!
or else when u pull the tape the nail polish will come out and u will have to redo all over again.
2nd step is cut the tape into strips.
thin or thick is up 2 u.

After 2 hours of waiting.
stick de tape on your finger.
put anyway u like as de candy cane shape, which is slanted.
remember to press down the edge or else the nail polish will go into your white area. 

Then cover your finger with red colour nail polish.
cover until there is no white area.
ADDITIONAL STEP: if you want glitter on only the red strips, after u put the red nail polish put the glitter on top.

After 30 seconds
peel off the tape, SLOWLY!!
if not your red nail polish will come out together.

then wait for it to dry for another 2 hours maybe...
because i was in a rush. 
so i put on the top coat and it became worse!!
my red strips, were blend into my white strips and became pink!! =((
so i hope u will wait for another 2 hours to let it dry down 
then only put the top coat. 
 if you want your nails to have glitter all over.
den i recommend using the sliver glitter.
using the red glitter for the whole nail won't look good.
this one down here is from the face shop =))
well because Christmas is all about glitter , right??
this step is also up to u guys =))

use the cotton bud with your own nail remover to remove the excess of the nail polish.
so after doing this the whole day, it's finally done!! =D

i did not edit this pic.!!
it makes my eyes so big, creepy!! 0.0

so taaaddaaaahhhhh!! 
your nails are ready for Christmas!! 
only 11 more days left till Christmas!!
can't wait =))
P.S. this look is through a lot of trial and error to succeed. it took me a whole day to finish all 10 nails.
so i wish u good luck!! =))

love me! xoxo 

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