Dessert Day at Kanemochi Malaysia│Brown Pocket


HI Gals!!! =D
I went out with Nicole for a small outing just for fun. Lol!!

15th April 2015
We wanted to go to Coffee on the Table, but it was closed =(

So, we went to Kanemochi Malaysia in Lebuh Pantai, a dessert place to hang out!
Ice cream is the best when it comes to a hot, very hot day!!
We were craving for something cool, so that's where we went!

We went there at the late afternoon, so there's no people around.
The place is small but still have the cosy feel to it =)

And from the name of the store, yes they sell mochi, but it's special!
It's made of ice cream! Perfect for the hot weather. =)
We ordered their Kane Mochi set, which comes with Kanemochi Sundae that is one type of ice cream and 2 types of mochi ice cream for us to choose!
We also get to choose a drink from the Sparkling Soda section and we chose the Angel Berry, which is strawberry flavoured.
The whole set is RM14.90.
The Sparkling Soda is quite sweet for me personally, so if I were to come here again, I would choose some other drinks.
The mochi itself, I actually quite liked it!
It's a new kind of feeling for the taste buds, cause it's just a new kind of dessert that I never try before.
It's mochi filled with ice cream!! I mean like, come on!!! =D
And of course, a selfie is a must! =D
Not only for selfie, but also for awesome OOTD pics! =D 
Being all mysterious, lol such a failed pic! *laughing with happy tears*
Then, we head over to Gurney Paragon, then up we go to Brown Pocket.
I've been here before, here's the link for the post on Brown Pocket.

We ordered Red Valentines, since I tried the Triple Chocolate before and I want to try other types of waffles.
So ya, that's what we ordered! =D
The syrup isn't as sweet as we thought it would be.
But the whole thing in overall is still awesome as always!
Love their waffles =D
After we had our wonderful desserts, went out for a walk around Paragon.

White Shirt : TaoBao
Black Camisole : Uniqlo
Skirt : Cotton On
Shoes : Toms
Bag : H&M
Thank you Nicole for taking the pics for me! =D
*hearts hearts!!*
I brought my sunglasses out, and I totally forgot to wear them! =(
So in the end all I did was just took a pic with it, since I never showed anyone before =)
Heart sunnies from TaoBao début!!
And of course, this is just a short outing with Nicole and there's no Lc =(
That's it for our small little outing.
And I hope you guys liked it! =D
I love this pic so so much!! =D

P.S.: I have a new blog header now, (if you guys haven't notice), like finally I put a blog header! I wanted to find a perfect picture for it and that's why it taken such a long period of time to find the perfect picture.

Comment down below and tell me what you guys think of the new header! =)

Love Me!! XOXO 

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  1. I do love a dessert café, this looks lovely and everything looks so yummy. I really like your skirt, you look beautiful.

  2. The Kanemochi place looks interesting. Would definitely pay a visit the next time I am in Penang.

  3. omg i love your top!they look so so stunning!!it's just beautiful!

  4. what a pretty looking cafe! I especially like the cute mochi :D

  5. Those desserts look amazing! I'd love to try the waffle one, it looks so yummy!
    I love those heart glasses BTW! Super cute!

    Kayla || The Little Lady

  6. That Red Valentines dish looks right up my alley! I'll take any dessert with waffles in it, thank you :)

  7. Your glasses are so cool, love them. Amazing pics they make me hungry now.
    - Heena,

  8. this makes me miss ice cream kochi. ill have to make it one day. cute outfit

  9. I am craving waffles and Ice cream now! The food looks too good! X

  10. Red Valentines looks really delicious and the sunnies are so cute. :)

  11. lovely ootd, I love your top! and those mocha ice cream looks yummy!

  12. I love the almost all white surroundings with the lanterns in the second to the last photo. It is easier to do an OOTD post in a quaint place like this away from the crowds.

  13. I'm not a fan of sweet dish but that place looks amazing. Love your ootd!

  14. their mochi menu seems good to try.
    nice recommendation. thank you for sharing with us.

  15. Oh my goodness those deserts look absolutely delicious!

  16. Love your Outfit Sarah, you look pretty indeed and that place has some awesome dishes to try. Loving those waffles you ordered. Looks yumm

    GIG Love
    SAP on Facebook

  17. Such wonderful desserts. Glad you had such a great time sampling these dishes :)

  18. wow I love your skater skirt and those desserts look super yummy!


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