My 'Grown Up Wishlist' 2015


Hi Hi Guys!!

My finals are finally done!
And now, I'm going to list down some gifts that I would or might buy for myself in 2015.
Just to treat myself, that's all. ♥♥

Spring is a online store from New York City that sells branded goods from fashion for men and women, beauty products and also gadgets!
What you want, it will be in there! =)

Their mission is inspired by the season and the street, Spring is a single shopping destination where people can discover amazing products and buy them directly from the brands and designers that make them. They created their brand to emulate the experience of having all these shops available in one place.

They also have an app to make it easier for their customers to shop.
But it is only available within the US.

So, here are some items that I'd already put into my wishlist that I hope to buy myself during this Christmas!

I love love those kinds of cut out camisole right now!
It gives out an edgy and chic look effortlessly.
And it's still perfect to wear it here in Malaysia, cause it's hot here all year round!
Check it out, cami from Cami NYC here

And since I'm staying in a hot climate country.
It's only logical to wear shorts out!
You know how some shorts are really pretty and you just want to have them, but they are not practical.
I just want some comfortable shorts that are still presentable to the public.
Found this shorts from St. Roche, which have drawstrings and also eyelet cut at the bottom.
The drawstrings just gave the shorts a comfortable cozy look, which is what I want! =)
Check it out here
I've been wanting a chic backpack for the longest time ever!
A mini in size which is easy to bring it around.
Found this from Everlane, white, simple and cool! Love it so much!
Check it out here
Like I said from above, living in a hot country, which also mean exposing as much skin as possible.
So it also means, no sneakers, no cover up shoes!
Slipper is the most practical!
Easy and comfortable, and it won't suffocate my feet.
Love this gold slipper from Tory Burch!
Check it out here

If you do know me long enough, the only accessory that I will wear are necklaces!
I've been wanting those kind of necklaces that are small and delicate, which look so feminine.
Found this Tara 4779 which is white and gold colour pendent.
Plus that is small in size which I like!
Check it out here 
It's rare to see a pendent with 2 different colours!
So this is really unique! ♥♥
Perfume is the next thing I would love to own one. 
This perfume - Daisy Dream Eau de Toilette by Marc Jacobs is amazing!! 
I sniffed it a few times in the store, and would love to grab one back! 
Check it out here
A bluetooth speaker is what I love to have and own.
A simple one from Boundless S3 that have good quality is all I need! =)
Check it out here
And here a little beauty product.
I've heard tons of good reviews on this product and have been finding it ever since!
The Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes: Glossy Black.
It's been in my wishlist before I even have this wishlist!
I've been wanting it like forever. ♥♥
Check it out here
I do have something to say is that, sometimes the website will show up and sometimes is just a blank page even though it's load.
So that's why I took some pictures on my phone, cause it worked on my phone and not on my laptop.
It's load but nothing came up!
But sometimes like just now, it loaded and it came out.
So it will show on and off, not every time.
Hope they can fix that soon.

Anyway, these are the few items that are in my current wishlist!
Have a Merry Christmas! ♥♥

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥

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  1. Wow...You picked great products. I hope you have managed unchecked them from your wishlist.

  2. Ooh I want that mascara too! These types of apps make it so much easier for us to lose money, haha.

  3. These are all so cute! I love those cut out camisoles, but sadly I dont think I can rock them! :S

  4. Love your wishlist, Daisy Dream is a delicious scent, very floral and fresh, just how I like it!

  5. the necklace is sooooooo pretty and unique. you should buy it! I'm pretty sure it perfectly looks good on you <3

  6. Your wishlist is lovely, i love me some accessories always.

  7. Liked your product picks. I wish to have a toryB wallet :) someday soon!

  8. A great wishlist, I just bought one of those Bluetooth speakers and they are worth every penny you pay.

    xoxo - Chai - Style.. A Pastiche -


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